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This material is written for en educational context. It constitutes the notes and supplementary course materials for the modules of the BSc in Web Development program. The program is taught on several Danish Business Academies.

The program is a three semester top up program to the qualifying programs. The three semesters, 90 ECTS, are built of 40 ECTS core subjects, 20 ECTS electives, 15 ECTS Internship, and 15 ECTS bachelor project. This material will cover my part of the core subjects and electives.

The following section is a schedule for the first semester:

The Content

Frontend, n. the parts of a client/server application executing in the browser.

Backend, n.not what it sounds like. The parts of a client/server application executing on the server.

Database, n. structured repository of user's data.

XML, eXtensible Markup Language n. A language used for formatting text for some purpose. A language for defining markup languages.