Chapter 36. Normalization, SQL Schema, ER2RM

Table of Contents
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Normalization ((elaborate))
General Intro
Functional Dependencies
The Boyce/Codd Normal Form
The Normalization Process, an Example
SQL Schema
SQL Standard Data Types, grouped
Create table
ER2RM aka Mapping
Step 1 - Regular (strong) Entities
Step 2 - Weak Entities
Step 3a - 1:1 Relationships
Step 3b - 1:1 Relationships
Step 4a - 1:N Relationships
Step 4b - 1:N Relationships
Step 5 - N:M
Step 6 - Multivalued attributes
Step 7 - N-ary relationships
Step 8 - Generalizations/Specializations
Step 9 - Aggregations
Assignments DB.3
Handing In Assignments
Assignment DB.3.0
Assignment DB.3.1

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