Chapter 31. Git - Version Control System

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References for this Lesson
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CLI Tutorial
Git, gittutorial(7) Manual Page, The Definitive Guide
Assignments IDE.1
Handing In Assignments
Assignment IDE.1.0

References for this Lesson

The definitive book on git is: [Cha14] You may download it from: or you may read it online at that address. You are expected to familiarize yourselves with chapters 1 - 6 of that book.

Documentation and tutorial from the horse's mouth: gittutorial(7). This is the manual page for the git software. Quite readable and paedagogical. Do not fear the command line when you work with git. As a daily reference when you forget the commands Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So.

My own slides at leaning heavily on the excellent video: Engineer Man: Git Source Control for the Impatient