Chapter 19. Introduction for Programmers

Recap of Basics

Table of Contents
References for this Course
References for this Lesson
Code, An Introduction to Terminology
A Statement Dissected
A Program, a Script
How To Decide What Way To Go? Conditions
JavaScript Code, Where Do We Put It?
JavaScript's Structural Place
Beginning JS Coding
Variable Declarations and Assignments
Input/Output Basics
Beware of Input in Calculations
A Couple of Thoughts on Programming
Reading the DOM, Presentational Changes
getAttribute / setAttribute
Syntax, Four Ways to Create Functions
Some Examples
Event List
Input/Output, Forms
Assignments JS.1
Handing In Assignments
Assignment JS.1.0
Assignment JS.1.1
Assignment JS.1.2
Assignment JS.Loops.2.2 Functions
Assignment JS.2.3 Functions
Assignment JS.2.4 Events
Assignment JS.2.5 Events
Assignment JS.2.6 IO Forms
Assignment JS.2.7 Functions

References for this Course

Textbooks, ie books that must be read in addition to this course material:

  • David Flanagan. Canvas Pocket Reference.[Fla11]
  • Kyle Simpson. You Don't Know JS: Up & Going.[Sim15a]
  • Kyle Simpson. You Don't Know JS: this & Object Prototypes. [Sim15c]

General JavaScript reference and learning material for this course will be at Mozilla Developers Network, their JavaScript learning is at

General web development reference material also has a home on the web at the Mozilla Developers Network, go to

The total YDKJS series for more experienced, ie intermediate or above, JavaScript is as follows. Two of them are textbook material, mentioned above. Another two, 1 and 3 from the list below, would be very useful.

  1. You Don't Know JS: Up & Going[Sim15a]
  2. You Don't Know JS: Scope & Closures[Sim15b]
  3. You Don't Know JS: this & Object Prototypes[Sim15c]
  4. You Don't Know JS: Types & Grammar[Sim15d]
  5. You Don't Know JS: Async & Performance[Sim15e]
  6. You Don't Know JS: ES6 & Beyond[Sim15f]

Kyle Simpsons books YDKJS are of course available from O'Reilly but they may be read for free from .