This presentation is more than just a dictionary of acronyms. Assuming a basic level of PHP, it will take you through the basics of object oriented PHP with the design work from UML, Unified Modelling Language. Class diagrams only. From there we touch on patterns and apply the MVC, Model - View - Controller to an illustrative case. The case code will be discussed in some detail. Questions along the way, please.

Example 1. Yours Truly
var NML = {
    name: "Niels Müller Larsen",
    emailaddress: "",
    web: "",

    educationally: {
        qualifications: [
            {qual: "MSc, Networked Information Engineering"},
            {qual: "Specialized Computer Studies, Automating Authentication"},
            {qual: "Programmer"}

    occupationally: "Professor",

    chairs: { 
        orgs: [
            {org: "FUMLE"}